The Smart way to precision and productivity

  • The ProBend E-Smart brakes are all electric servo motor driven machines for production of small and medium sized parts requiring bending force less than 60 tons.
  • These machines deliver the highest precision and repeatability besides the highest bending productivity, day after day.
  • These machines minimize shop floor footprint and provide bending lengths upto 1.5m.
  • The all-servo drive system runs extremely economically on energy.
  • Low noise electric brake for precise bending with powerful 3d software.
  • With roller screw connected with direct drive without gear box.
  • Power saving capabilities in ProBend E smart compared to Hydraulic Press Break.
  • Very useful for Elevator Industry, Furniture Industry etc.
ProBend E-Smart


Business Card Holder

ProBend E-Smart makes business card holder

Mobile Stand with 9 precise bending

ProBend E-Smart makes mobile stand with 9 precise bending